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Musician's Can Dance Too

As a musician I've been playing for dancers for many years and occasionally would try to learn to dance figuring it couldn't be that hard but failed . Frustrated because I couldn't figure out why I could start off good and then get locked up. Mikey showed me it was because I was counting and anticipating like a musician and I had to let that go. Slowly he worked with me and then it kicked in and I'm having a blast as I continue to learn and create. I look for moments when I'm playing that I can take a break from playing and get a dance in. It's really nice to not have the separation feeling between being a musician and the dancers.
-Rob Mitchell

Quit Faking It

I've always wanted to know how to partner dance. After a couple years of basically pretending I knew how...I still found myself knowing nothing, and being extremely intimidated when asked onto a dance floor. After only one lesson with Michael Augusta, I felt like I had the tools to dance with anybody anywhere. I immediately scheduled my next lesson. His style of teaching is attentive, relaxed, and not intimidating in any way. Dancing is finally fun!
-Carly Jane Keeton

Accept No Substitutes

Mikey has a gift for making learning western swing simple, enjoyable, and fun. He's a natural teacher with a talent for connecting with everyone from novices like me who are just getting the basics down to seriously advanced two steppers looking to add a few tricks. Mikey's the man - ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES!
-Patrick Par

Impress Your Inlaws

My husband and I came to Michael wanting to learn how to dance the two step in time for our wedding, only several weeks away. With zero previous experience and two left feet, it felt like a tall order. We began with a private lesson followed by several group classes. Within a matter of weeks we were able to kill it on the dance floor when the big night finally arrived.

Michael is a skilled teacher - warm, welcoming and extremely knowledgeable about his craft. He understands the technical elements of dance and is able to break it down in a way that those of us with limited musical or rhythmic talents can easily understand and apply.

My husband and I thought we would only be attending classes up until out wedding. We were wrong! We've had such a great time that we're continuing to take classes and are looking forward to impressing his family (all Texas natives) when we head back to Austin for the holidays.

-Caitlin McConnico

Dancing Will Get You Laid

Anytime I'm dancing with Mikey Augusta or watching him dance with someone else, I can't help but have a huge smile on my face. Do yourself a favor and take lessons from him. It will be the best decision you've ever made. Girls will love you and gosh darn, we need more boys who can dance in our camp.
-Brigitt Rains

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